Only one type of customers : the world’s largest OEMs and CEMs. Thanks to this, TMS can offer each customer both outstanding service and a low internal cost relative to its overall business

Only one type of products : semiconductors and peripherals, for in-depth rather than superficial knowledge

Only one type of transactions: as an Independent Distributor acting on behalf of a client. This avoids any conflict of interest, inevitable if TMS owned stock and acted as stocking distributor

Only one Trading Floor for world-wide coverage, guaranteeing optimum information flow and maximum transaction speed

Only one office concentrates costs on value-adding only

TMS Competitiveness

A single integrated trading floor and internet marketplace (rated N°1 by Gartner) No local sales offices means Clients get a global answer without delay Only senior trading executives talk to clients rather than sales people acting as a middle layer A strict business Model focusing on one type of business (sourcing) rather than multiple activities 100% of TMS business is won against competitors, proving TMS’s global competitiveness Fixed-price medium term-contracts


Rather than one stock, TMS concentrates the stock of 2000 approved suppliers and the excess stock of 4500 Customers.

Rather than having expensive sales offices for geographical closeness, TMS offers its customers a true one-stop-shop integrating customer support, and quality trading

Concentrating trading in one location is the most effective and efficient solution for world-wide coverage

With staggered work schedules, modern telecommunications, fail-safe 24/7 computing, and traders fluent in 12 languages, TMS offers its customers the same level of support as local offices in all areas except physical contact

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