Only one type of customers : the world’s largest OEMs and CEMs. Thanks to this, TMS can offer each customer both outstanding service and a low internal cost relative to its overall business Only one type of products : semiconductors and peripherals, for in-depth rather than superficial knowledge Only one type of transactions: as an Independent Distributor acting on behalf of a client. This avoids any conflict of interest, inevitable if TMS owned stock and acted as stocking distributor Only one Trading Floor for world-wide coverage, guaranteeing optimum information flow and maximum transaction speed Only one office concentrates costs on value-adding only

TMS Competitiveness

A single integrated trading floor and internet marketplace (rated N°1 by Gartner) No local sales offices means Clients get a global answer without delay Only senior trading executives talk to clients rather than sales people acting as a middle layer A strict business Model focusing on one type of business (sourcing) rather than multiple activities 100% of TMS business is won against competitors, proving TMS’s global competitiveness Fixed-price medium term-contracts


Dry packing, Re-baking, 3D lead and marking inspection , Visual inspection, Laser marking, Bar code labeling , Date code sorting, UV erasing, Manufacturing of carrier tape.